2014 Signature Sales - Realogics Sotheby's International Realty

Christine Kipp and Associates is often helping clients from around the globe purchase primary, vacation and investment properties in our region. If the real estate needs of the world's wealthiest individuals could be described in a few sentences, the Wealth-X and Sotheby’s International Realty Global Luxury Residential Real Estate Report 2015 can tell us. Information like this helps us gage international demand and satisfy the needs of many of our clients relocating here.


-- Most of the world's wealthiest individuals own 2.7 owner-occupied residences and created 7% their wealth through real estate.


-- A woman will hold 16% of her portfolio in real estate while male counterparts only 10% unless assets were inherited then the average held in real estate grows to 17% for both.


-- When net worth is between $30-$50 million the primary residence is held approximately 15 years before selling.  On the other hand, a Billionaire may have 4 properties and sell one every three years.


-- Secondary residences are typically 45% more valuable than primary residences; twice the square footage and have 10 acres of land.


-- Over 6% of the world’s wealthiest individuals have relocated their primary residence to a different country from which they were born and often keep a secondary residence in their home countries. India is the leading country in this respect.


The Wealth-X and Sotheby’s International Realty Global Luxury Residential Real Estate Report, which looks at trends in the UHNW population’s appetite for luxury residential real estate across the world, identifies specific attitudes, behaviors and locations which matter to this industry and this wealth segment.


Email us for a copy of the report, I'm sure you'll agree it's an interesting read.


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