Downtown Issaquah is Preparing for Mother’s Day Flower Baskets


Each year beautiful flowers baskets, called super pots, line the sidewalks of Front St. and Sunset Way bringing beauty and charm to the downtown district.

“What people don’t know is that these baskets are 100 percent community funded,” said Gaila Gutierrez of the Downtown Issaquah Association. “It’s through the generous donations from Individuals and businesses that make this possible. Issaquah fans have grown to love the baskets and expect they’ll be here each year; they just may not realize how they happen.”

The Downtown Issaquah Association manages this program each year in conjunction with Spring and Mother’s Day. In early February, the order is placed with Squak Mountain Nursery, who plant and nurture them until they flourish into great big beauties.

“The baskets are delivered and hung in mid-May,” Gutierrez said. “It’s always a fun and welcome activity because it means summer is just around the corner and that’s when they get really big and burst in color! It’s also a sentimental time because there are number of people who donate baskets in memory of a loved one who has passed, or they take advantage of our Mother’s Day program. It’s a beautiful way to recognize loved ones while also helping beautify our quaint downtown. It’s way more expensive that people may realize, but they are so worth it.”

The Downtown Issaquah Association’s annual Flowers on Front Street campaign is currently underway. The donations directly affect how many baskets they can purchase each year. Their goal is to purchase 40 baskets. Persons interested in contributing to this program can also take advantage of having a Mother’s Day card sent on their behalf.

Anyone can make a general donation of as little as $10.

A $50 donation will earn a Mother’s Day card saying a contribution was made in a loved one’s honor for a flower basket in Downtown Issaquah.

A $250 donation will cover the cost of one basket and maintenance for five months. Donors may include a company name, or someone they designate, to be recognized as a valuable contributor on the Downtown Issaquah Association Community Board, and a Mother’s Day card will be sent stating a flower basket was purchased in their honor.

Donations are accepted any time; however, to get a Mother’s Day card mailed, donors will need to get their order in by May 1. For more information on the Flower Basket Campaign, visit

The mission of the DIA is to promote and enhance the vitality of historic downtown Issaquah through programs and events that celebrate our unique culture.


Originally published by the Issaquah/Sammamish Reporter