Selling Season - Now Extended


When it’s time to sell your house, you might hear people refer to a prime "selling season," which often is said to begin in spring and last through summer. In reality, buyers on the hunt for that perfect home are buying year round. Spring marks the beginning of the busiest home-selling and home-buying season in most areas. With the warmer weather, more daylight, and the impetus to get a new house in order before the next school calendar begins, buyers are more likely to shop during this time of year.

While Spring is a popular time, in some parts of the country, the buying seasons are different or less pronounced, as areas with more temperate weather and fewer buyers with children can have more balanced buying seasons.

In other words, the on- and off-seasons can change—both in timing and overall demand for houses on the market—depending on where you live. In the Pacific Northwest, the market has continued to thrive indicating now is always a great time to sell!

Here are some benefits of choosing to sell your home in August. 

Bigger sale price - Unlike other markets, where more inventory means lower prices, the housing market works the opposite way: Prices are highest in the prime season, when the most homes are listed.

Better valuations - When your house is being valued, the appraiser will look into data for comparable homes sold in your neighborhood. But if the most recent data is from a home that sold for cheap in the winter, it can hurt your valuation.

Homes look better, days are longer - There’s no doubt spring is when properties shine. The flowers are in bloom and buyers are out. Daylight saving time also gives buyers more time to look at houses, which means your property can be seen by more buyers during the day.

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Christine Kipp