Decorate for Spring with Inspiration from Nature

The arrival of spring inevitably finds us all looking to breathe new life into our lives and our homes. Some of us take on large projects such as remodeling or landscaping in order to prepare our backyards for the coming sunshine. For those of us who don’t yet have the time or need to tackle large renovations, a few simple decorative ideas courtesy of Laura Gaskill over at Houzz may be just what we need. These simple, affordable, nature-inspired tips are sure to give your home a fresh spring look. Our favorite ideas include finding a vintage or antique piece of wooden furniture to paint with a spring-inspired color such as the spring-green as in the dining room photo below.

Spring 2

Or create a unique table display by fusing nature and every items. Your kitchen is sure to be filled with cake plates and platters that can spare some time on a coffee or dining table to showcase plants or birds nests.

 Spring 1

Happy spring and happy decorating! For more information please visit the Ideabook here.