Issaquah Schools Foundation Fundraisers bring in $710,000

Issaquah Schools Foundation Fundraisers bring in $710,000

28198467_xxlThe Kipp Team recently attended The Issaquah Schools Foundation fundraiser, which raised more than $710,000! We are proud to be associated with this foundation for over 20 years; their affect on our local community is unmatched.

The proceeds came from the Nourish Every Mind luncheon, held May 14, and breakfast, held May 20. They will be used to fund programs for students throughout the Issaquah School District.

Those include academic programs such as financial literacy classes for eighth grade students; clubs for users of Scratch, a free visual programming language developed by MIT for young learners; and professional development They also include health-oriented programs such as the Healthy Youth Initiative, which includes the Building Emotional Strength Together support group and Influence The Choice video contest under its umbrella.

About half of the Issaquah Schools Foundation's revenue comes from the Nourish Every Mind fundraisers, Foundation Development Director Lynn Juniel said. The Nourish Every Mind breakfast was added alongside the luncheon last year.

"Since the introduction of the Breakfast, we've experienced about a 10 percent increased in revenue but, more importantly, we have been able to expose the foundation to a wider audience," Juniel said. "We are now able to reach parents and community members who leave the Issaquah area during the day. They, too, care deeply about our students and want to invest in their education."

This article originally appeared on The Issaquah Reporter.