Issaquah Valley Farmland...Going, Going, Gone


For local Issaquah residents, it is going to be sad to see the last patch of Issaquah Valley Farmland disappear. But according to The Issaquah Press, it has been a long time coming. "The first nail was probably hammered in the coffin in May of 1987, when the Skyport park bond issue failed by just 137 votes. After seeing almost 30 years of so-called “progress” and increased congestion, I wonder if 137 out of the 3,818 “no” voters then would have regrets today of not saying “yes” to passing that $5.2 million bond to save what is now Pickering Place from development. The growth, the traffic and the urban density became inevitable and relentless after that.

With the swaths of orange fencing now encircling the 30 acres of what was once the Barlow farm, the hammer has now fallen on the last nail. The Gateway Apartments, at what is now known as the Mull property, will consist of 400 residential units in 18 buildings, and the Gateway Senior Housing project will add another 146 units."


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