Lake Sammamish, Chronicled in Photographs

Lake Sammamish, Chronicled in Photographs

One hundred years ago, Lake Sammamish was a haven for boating, fishing and shoreside relaxation.

Today, it’s… well, it’s largely the same.

Though the lake may no longer function as a hotspot for the sawmills or over-water transport that serviced the area’s once-robust logging industry, residents really haven’t changed the way they use the lake for recreation. Make a paddle board out of fiberglass and you’re still paddle boarding; slap a motor on a boat and you’re still boating, just at higher speeds.

Historian Kate Thibodeau points to recreation on the lake as a representative example of the challenge in putting together “Lake Sammamish: Through Time,” a new photographic history book of the lake, released by Fonthill Media and Arcadia Publishing April 20.

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