Sammamish Ranks as the Third Safest City in Washington in 2016


No surprise here: Sammamish ranks as the third safest city in Washington State! This according to CreditDonkey's Safest Cities of 2016 list, which organized the cities based on FBI Crime Report data from 2014. According to the article, "Many young families have settled in Sammamish because they feel safe and comfortable walking about and attending events here. In fact, we have had to remind citizens to lock their car doors and not be too complacent. Neighbors look out for each other."

Below are safety statistics for Sammamish:
  • Violent crime per 1,000: 0.2
  • Robbery per 1,000: 0.0
  • Property crime per 1,000: 7.6
  • Burglary per 1,000: 2.6
  • CreditDonkey safety score: 2.6
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