12 things the casual football fan should know about the Seahawks

12th Man Go Hawks!With all due respect to the 2014 Winter Olympics, the Super Bowl is and always has been the biggest sporting event of the year.

The fun part about this year's go-around? It features Seattle's very own Seahawks.

Below are 12 things the casual football fan should know about the Seahawks before heading off to that bar, restaurant, or house party where they'll be watching the big game. We're looking to educate the masses that may not have a particular rooting interest in this year's contest, while hopefully exposing the hardcore Seahawks fanatic to an interesting nugget or two to impress their peers. Let's get down to it. 12. The No. 12 is for the fans.

You may have seen the blue "12" flags plastered all over your television screens during the Seahawks' run to Super Bowl XLVIII. They're a unique way to recognize the Seahawks' fan base, who dubs themselves the "12th Man" for the influence they have on the football field with their loud and proud showings of support. The No. 12 was retired in honor of Seattle's fans back in 1984, making it the first jersey retired by the 1976 expansion-club Seahawks.

Prior to kickoff at every Seahawks home game, a 12th Man flag is raised in the upper deck of the south end zone at CenturyLink Field. The tradition began on October 12, 2003, when 12 original season-ticket holders hoisted the flag against the division-rival San Francisco 49ers. Seahawks greats, local celebrities, and sports personalities have been called upon to raise the flag at every home game since. Seahawks owner Paul G. Allen was the last to raise the flag during the team's NFC Championship win over the Niners just over a week ago.

Seahawks fans have flown the 12 flag all around the world. From Hawaii's Diamond Head Crater to Arizona's Grand Canyon, Paris' Eiffel Tower to Rome's ancient Coliseum, and Seattle's Space Needle to Tanzania's Mt. Kilimanjaro, the No. 12 has been to nearly every corner of the map. It's even been on a little journey into outer space. Catch the rest of the story at Seahawks.com

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