The Science of Staging - Extra Help When Selling Your Home

The Science of Staging - Extra Help When Selling Your Home


A well staged home sells more quickly.

The goal of staging is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers, thereby selling a property more swiftly and for more money. Understandably, you might assume that placing a round table in a dining room, coordinating linens and furnishings in a master bedroom and creating a colorful kid’s room should suffice as adequate staging, right? Wrong.

Staging includes space planning for impact and effect as well as visual techniques that can affect the sense of spaciousness, thereby adding value. For instance, many of us arrange furniture in a family room to focus on the TV. This is how we live and it is comfortable and functional. However, staging theory would never put the back of a sofa to a room’s entry, nor would it suggest that a focal point be a TV or media center unless the room was a bona fide media room. Good staging would have a coffee table in front of the fireplace, with a sofa perpendicular to that wall on one side and one or two chairs on the other side, to draw one’s eye directly to the fireplace, plus art above the fireplace and no more than three objects d’art dressing the mantel. A stager would lift all baskets and small items off the floor to enlarge the floor space, pull open the blinds and drapes, and set a single plant on the coffee table.

Staging also includes presenting alternative uses for a room to broaden its overall appeal to the most buyers possible. A bonus room obviously can have varied uses. A pool table room, a workout center, a child’s play space—each concept can be used successfully to appeal to people who might buy the home.

Color can have a huge impact in staging. There is actually an entire body of science that considers the psychological impact of color on human responses and behaviors. Red, for instance, offers a powerful pop of color to immediately capture someone’s attention. Blue is soothing and can calm frazzled nerves, and is often an excellent choice in a bedroom or as a library accent wall. Yellow is believed to have the strongest impact psychologically: It can put a smile on one’s face, lift spirits and fill a room with springtime optimism. With all these colors, however, too much can take people the other way. Any color can be depressing, startling and overwhelming if used in too large a quantity throughout a house or not used in the right combination.

While many of homes are dressed beautifully with designer touches, interesting travel mementos and cozy settings for family and friends, staging has never before been so important. In the current competitive market, there is a vast distinction between the home you live in and the home you sell. Staging can make all the difference.  ❖