Tranforming Your Entryway: It's Easier Than You Think

As the season for home improvement is underway, we’re getting out into our yards and looking at our interiors wondering: what can we do to make our homes even better? Well, a recent design trend focuses on the entryway, and after reading Becky Dietrich's contribution on Houzz, I find it great to see the simplicity in transforming one. Dietrich says it only takes one standout item to take a room from great to fantastic, and that a bold statement piece can be just what an entryway is asking for. With a home like Custom Northwest Living, the vaulted ceilings and grand staircase provide the perfect palette for an entryway that says "wow!" So whether its a bold painting or unique bench, there are many ways to truly welcome others into your home. Which will you choose? Entry011-277x416