What Is Your Design Style?

When Buyers come to my Team to help them find a new home, often there is a laundry list of things they are looking for in their perfect property.    Bedroom count, view, lot size are all important but I generally get blank stares when I ask about their design style.  "Design style?  Well, you know, I like bright rooms and the color green".  After asking a few follow-up questions I can get a real feel for what design style they like to help narrow their home search.  Here are some of the most common design styles - which is your favorite? Coastal Design Style

 Coastal Design Style is what you imagine beach living to be like.  Light, open and airy with breezy feeling window treatments and fabrics.  Accessories are generally ocean related such as shells, boats or lighthouses.  Think Ralph Lauren with blues, whites and natural wood accents.   Add a large piece of red coral for a pop of color.

Contemporary Design Style

Do you prefer clean, sleek lines with mostly neutral colors and a punch of color?  Then contemporary design is your style of choice.   Furniture is typically low to the ground with metal frames or straight legs.  Use your artwork and accessories for a graphic element in the room.

Country Design Style




















Country is one of those design styles that people seem to either love or hate - very little middle ground.  However, Country Design Style doesn't have to be all roosters and gingham.  Think "rustic elegance" with soft floral patterns and pops of red or black.  Vintage fabrics, wood, handmade pottery or baskets are common in furniture and accessories.  Incorporate some of Grandma's favorite items with a beautiful wood dining table.  Use your flea market and antique shop skills to complete the look.

Mediterranean Design Style












You are more likely to see Mediterranean Design Style in Santa Barbara than Seattle, but this look is inspired by the coastal regions of Spain, Greece and Italy.  Greens, blues, terra cotta, yellow and lavender are the most common colors in this style.  Fabrics are generally velvets, linens and other textured materials while furniture pieces are short with ornate accents.  Add a dramatic accent with with Venetian plaster or other textured finish.

Mid-Century Modern Design Style












Everything old is new again!  The Mid-Century Modern Design Style started in the 1950s and 1960s - think Rat Pack in Palm Springs.  Simplicity, functionality and natural shapes are the key to this design.  Minimalist style architecture and orange, yellow, live green and chocolate brown are typical of the decor.  

So are you Coastal, Contemporary, Country, Mediterranean or Mid-Century Modern?  None of the above? Check out HGTV.com "Design Styles Defined" for a list of 18 Design Styles, photos and descriptions. Now when you call me to find your dream house, you'll know exactly what style you want!

Happy House Hunting!  Christine Kipp